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Croquettes in Deurle

If I could I would leave 24 hours before the flight direction airport. The last thing I want to do is rush.

And so it happend that I was in Deurle a small village of +/- 3000 inhabitants and one them is a dear friend of mine who always lends me one of the family cars when I am in Europe. As I had an hour before my taxi came to take me to the airport, I wondered through the 300 meter long main road and installed myself with Oscar on a lovely terras buzzing with people enjoying a Belgian Summer’s day. I had to order one more time my absolute favorite Grey shrimp croquettes with fries mayo and a glass of white wine. They croquettes were home made and ultra delicious.

Yum yum yum


Fresh Linguini with scallops and grey shrimps

My baby Oscar and I were staying at my dear friends in Sint Maarten Bodegem in Belgium. They have a lovely house with an ever so lovely kitchen.

It’s a small small village where the police have nothing better to do then to ring your doorbell aggressively and treaten you: that the dog will be taken away if he spotted walking by himself again. Yet a couple of swirling little farm roads later with “DIK BIL” (fat bum) cows left and right, there is the Delhaize.

The Delhaize is an amazing chain with very fresh food and amazing quality.

My friend Ellen was coming for dinner and in South Africa one does not find fresh scallops or grey shrimps. So it was for me the indulgence.

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Grilled steak with chilli leeks

Clean leeks and cook till tender

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Wedding breakfast

The Royal wedding of William & Catherine

O what fun! My husband’s parents were staying with us and

I decided to make a festive television English/Indian brunch.

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Grilled Salmon with leeks

This dish is a low calorie dish, with a healthy piece of fresh salmon which we buy from the whole sale company as it is half the price and so much fresher then in a supermarket.

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Egg and steak sandwich

The meat is a rib eye cut from the organic butcher. My husband felt peckish so I quickly wipped him up an egg and steak sandwich.

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having fun with my ZOKU !!! Go Bokke GO !

  How it is done: cut out the shape out of an apple, then stick to the side of a pop slot, put in stick, poor in liquid (energade drink with a dash of food colorant)….. wait 7 minutes.