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I have always loved food. I could tell the difference between Chardonnay and Chablis at the age of 8. That’s what happens when you’re brought up in a restaurant. My father and I loved going to other restaurants to discover new dishes and check out the competition. From our hometown Antwerp to most of Europe and the world, we ate. Unsurprisingly, I decided to cook for a living. Since then, I’ve cooked, chef’ed, run, owned and even sold restaurants. I’ve done dinner parties for friends, catered weddings for others and been a private chef for an advertising magnate in Sydney.

 Many, many years and many, many dinner parties later, I found myself in South Africa, and moving into a tiny little seaside enclave in Cape Town, into an even tinier old cottage, right at the ocean. I was in heaven.

Until I took a proper look at the kitchen. It was so tiny, it had no place for our large stove and oven. In fact, it had no place for any stove.

I looked at my husband and ordered him to go to an electrical shop and buy a two-plate cooker. Us being foodies of note, shivered at the prospect: A two-plate cooker.

Once the 2plate was unpacked an installed, I smiled: for years I have wanted to find a way to share my recipes and food stories yet never found the right medium, yet looking at this simple 2 plate – cooker, I realized this would be my portal.

Enjoy my food blog . Leila

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  1. Do you deliver?
    I’m hungry!

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