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Wedding breakfast

September 25, 2011

The Royal wedding of William & Catherine

O what fun! My husband’s parents were staying with us and

I decided to make a festive television English/Indian brunch.


, 1 can of Heinz baked beans and 1 large table spoon of Marsala

my mother in law brings this with, minced, chilli, garlic, ginger, the proportions

is about 1/3 of each   you can make quite a large portion

and freeze the rest and use it as needed.

Once the sausages are browned fry in moderate heat until done.


 I had about 3 cups of mash from the night before.

add chopped fresh coriander leaves, toast 1 table spoon of mustard seeds and crush,

add some very fine chopped chilli. make into balls.

Coat potato balls in chick pea flower and lay gently in fat fryer basket. Fry till golden brown.

Coat the potato balls with loosely whisked egg

Fry in fryer till golden brown


I have very fond memories of Scottish eggs, when is was 8 years old I was sent off to a

camp in Wales called PGL. Which for us meant please get lost. They had a tuck shop where they sold

these eggs coated in mince and then deep fried. I ate many of them!

Mix 300 grams of mince with a teaspoon of taragon, pepper, salt and 1 egg.

Boiled eggs must be cooled before wrapping into the mince micture.

Wrap the meet around the egg.

prepare coating bowls: 1 with sifted flower, 1 with 3 whisked eggs and 1 with Panco crumbs.

Panco crumbs are Japanes crumbs which are used for their tempura, they are very lite and tasty flakes.

You can also make these with other crumbs.

coat the meatball in flower

coat with egg, if ou wash your hands and leave them wet the mixture tend to stick less

to your hands.

crumb with Panco and recoat with egg

Final coat of panco

set aside till ready to fry.

Fry till golden brown, don’t crowd the fryer,

better 2 at the time depending on the size of your fryer.


Strawberries & cream


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