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Grilled Salmon with leeks

September 25, 2011

This dish is a low calorie dish, with a healthy piece of fresh salmon which we buy from the whole sale company as it is half the price and so much fresher then in a supermarket.

Grilled Salmon for 3.

We buy a whole salmon, cut it into portions and freeze what we are not eating that day for dinner.

Clean 3 stems of  leeks well, peel the outer layer of. Cook the leeks in boiling water.

Once cooked strain and rinse other cold water so they don’t continue cooking.

Put them back into pot and squeeze half a lemon over them, add some chopped parsley salt and pepper. Important is that they are not overcooked and soft.

Heat a pan, wash a big bag of spinach,

throw them is once the pan is hot and stir regularly till spinach is cooked.

Heat the grill pan. Brush the Salmon steak with olive oil and lay gently into the pan.

The spinach and leeks can rest in their pot on a medium heat.

After a couple of minutes once the salmon starts turning pink, turn the salmon steaks.



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