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Fresh Linguini with scallops and grey shrimps

September 25, 2011

My baby Oscar and I were staying at my dear friends in Sint Maarten Bodegem in Belgium. They have a lovely house with an ever so lovely kitchen.

It’s a small small village where the police have nothing better to do then to ring your doorbell aggressively and treaten you: that the dog will be taken away if he spotted walking by himself again. Yet a couple of swirling little farm roads later with “DIK BIL” (fat bum) cows left and right, there is the Delhaize.

The Delhaize is an amazing chain with very fresh food and amazing quality.

My friend Ellen was coming for dinner and in South Africa one does not find fresh scallops or grey shrimps. So it was for me the indulgence.

chop a shallot and a small piece of leek very finely and braise in olive oil.

Peel, deseed, and chop 1 tomato.

chop a small bunch of parsley

add chopped tomatoes and a small hand full of chopped mushrooms

add chopped parseley and 1 tablespoon of chervil. There was no fresh chervil so I used frozen.

Add a 200 ml of lean cream, I am on the lean cream since working on the weight watchers book.

Ad in the freshly quickly boiled linguini pasta

Whilst the pasta and the sauce become one, fry the scallops in a hot pan with olive oil

this does not take longer then 2 minutes

Put the pasta with sauce in the bowls, whilst the scallops are sizzling.

dress scallops and grey shrimps on top.



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