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Kudu with little chocolate beetroots

June 30, 2011

 Again a mega star to the organic  super meat from Last Saturday when I was shopping meat, Salvin gave me a little glass jar with pickled baby beetroot. He told me they tasted like chocolate. I decided to make Kudu fillet with a baby onion and baby beetroot sauce

6 mini onions braised in butter till soft

and set aside

1 pot of magic pickled  beetroot, they taste like chocolate.

400 grams of kudu the one side is larger so I cut it in half

and cook the larger part a bit  before the other half

fry all sides crsip and inside medium rare

fill bowl with hot water, remove water and let the meat rest in a hot bowl

with a plate on top while making sauce till medium   this meat needs to rest warm

deglaze with a dash of red and 2 dashes of water add onions and beetroot

add 200 ml of gravy. The Royco gravy is very salty and strong.

and a tbsp of grated110% pure cacao or dark bitter chocolate

Ready made carrots from Giovanni’s the best Itaian coffee shop with lush food inside.

add a dash of fresh cream

I fried some potato croquettes from McCain. just have not had the time to make my own

 I discovered Giovanni’s in dec 1997 when I was in Cape Town…I had landed in Cape Town for the first time as a junior producer from Belgium on a commercial for Silan wash softener. During the shoot I had connected with the gaffer. who made me laugh. After the shoot he took me to Giovannis’s on our way to a magic little secluded beach. I remember walking through the Deli piling yummy stuff into my hamper thinking, that’s it I am moving to South Africa, they have a deli!! Funnily enough the secluded beach with enormous boulders that took my breath away, is the beach where I live now with my husband and 2 sons. I never thought in 1997 that 14 years later I would live here and have a family. Life is fun like that.


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