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Paul’s 50th dinner

June 26, 2011

Dinner for 10

My dear friend Paul turned 50, for his birthday I decided to cook for him all weekend. Paul hired a beautiful house in Greyton, a small country village 2 hours from Cape Town and invited his family and closest friends. On Friday evening there was an intimate family dinner for 10. We arrived the day before to start preparing. The preparation & the shopping I enjoyed thoroughly, I wanted to make this birthday weekend very special for a very special friend. All the meat was bought from He also has a shop at the Organic Butcher at the Food Lovers Market at the Biscuit Mill in Salt River.This meat is the best meat I have eaten in the 12 years I have lived in South Africa.

The menu for Friday evening  10 people

Impala carpacio with cooked berries in vanilla & gin

Pork fillet with baby cabbage, garlic mash & a mustard cream sauce

Garlic mash

18 potatoes cook with skin  6 peeled cloves of garlic  cook together

             warm up milk mixture   ½ liter of milk    125 butter


Rice into milk mixture    throw in 2egg yolks  fold the riced potatoes into mixture

gently. If you do not have a ricer, use a masher, yet then you need to peel the potatoes.

white baby cabage with bacon

4 slices bacon fine – fry in in pan nob of butter

4 white baby cabage cut each cabbage into 6 equal pieces

take bacon out the pan and set aside

cook till al dente (throw in boiling salted water)

fry quickly in bacon pan (there should be enough fat still in the pan) and ad the bacon

mustard sauce

½ onion

2 packets gravy

2 teaspoon of French   1 tea spoon of grain

add 100 ml of cream, keep warm    do not boil, keep warm

Impala carpacio

200 gr of mixed berries    nob of butter  and a dash of Gin.The camera is also  having a Gin Tonic

While I was cooking the dinner, I was also preparing as much I could for the next day.

Paul, his family and closest friends were sitting outside enjoying the open fire.

Slice from frozen Impala fillet with a sharpknive

The slices of Impala are now at room temperature, add a table spoon of the berries

that are warm not boiling. All this with a lovely glass of Villeira Brut a

South African champenoise to start with.

fry pork fillets in butter.

Pork meat must never be rare, cook until medium rare.  always good to cut a piece

of and check. deglaze pan with a cup of water and add to simmering mustard sauce.


the lunch for 40 people i will upload tomorrow x


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