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Linguini Amatriciana

June 25, 2011

Linguini Amatriciana with a little help

Half an onion chopped finely  3 chillies & garlic toes chopped finely

60 grams of bacon finely chopped   fry all together in two table spoons of olive oil

            stir fry for at least 15 minutes   till all is soft

380 gram pot of arrabiata from Barrilla Arrabbiata

a dash of water to wash the last goodies out of the glasss jar

cook on medium heat for 10 minutes 5 gram basil chopped fresh or a teaspoon of dried basil

 if you have the time let the sauce rest for 30 minutes.

Cook pasta and serve  100 grams of uncooked pasta per person mimium

Mix the cooked pasta in the sauce

Grate some Parmesan

I like it with Lingiuni, however one can use any kind of pasta.

This reminds me, I have a pasta machine.

I am going to make love handkerchief pasta this weekend.


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