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La Bresoala May 2011

June 12, 2011

Fresh pasta filled with lobster in a tomato cream sauce.

 This restaurant I spotted 2 years a go.

I was 2 weeks in Belgium to sort out some work and finances and had a birthday lunch at La Bresoala. The food was great: Linguini Vongole with a bottle of white wine, the company  was challenging, yet I remembered the good food.

Nearly two years later, with two more nights to go to my birthday, I find myself at the same restaurant. It has been a fun dynamic week getting the family house in Antwerp ready for sale. The first week without: my nearly six month old son Oscar and my mad 9,5 year old Jack.

So here I sit calmly reflecting the delicious dinner and the last two years of my life. Giving birth at 43, totally out of the blue, how amazing and how grateful I am to live with my harmonious three men.

The dish was good , good enough to return tomorrow for a birthday dinner with my dearest friend. I loved the stuffed ravioli; it had real fresh pieces of lobster in it. What I missed what a hint of whiskey or chili, a slight side spice.

 Whilst I sip my Limmoncello with my coffee, I can’t help but notice the large table of men with three women to my right. All dressed in shirts, all fresh or not so fresh from a day at the office. The waiter vigorously explained with a thick Italian accent the specials: a long list of Italian delights. One man who was sipping his Stella Artois beer resolutely said: I am having spaghetti.

 I found the bill reasonable:  45 euro: 2 glasses of delicious white wine, a great dinner, coffee, and ½ liter of sparkling water.

 Now I must race back to the house for the last remains of old furniture to be removed.


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